Give Back Like Jack Event Update

So just wanted to tell you guys all about our first Give Back Like Jack event this afternoon. The kids at the Boys & Girls Club at Nancy Gomes Elementary School decided to do a weekly (every Wednesday) “Give Back to Our School” project. Every week we will go around the whole school, outside, and pick up all the trash. We made it a fun competition and separated the kids into two groups. Dustin was one group leader and Teresa was the other group leader. Dustin had K-2nd graders and Teresa had 3rd-4th graders. Teresa got the front of the school and Dustin’s group got the back of the school. They spent an hour cleaning absolutely every piece of trash up on the campus and we had a competion competition.

The group with the most trash won and got to pick out of the prize box and also each group leader got to pick one kid from the group who lead the group well and picked up the most trash. It turned out amazing and the kids were actually very excited about it. Teresa’s group came back with three trash bags completely full of trash and Dustin’s group came back with one bag full of trash. All in all it was a very successful project and they are excited to give back to their school and do it again next week.

– McKenzie Caldwell, Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows site coordinator

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